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However, a very sad fate befell their early studio activities: Originally released in , Jerry's second solo effort was -as the debut- once again simply titled 'Garcia', but to distinguish it from his eponymous debut, the album took its.. On her debut, Nubya Garcia and her band strike an engrossing balance between long stretches of dreamy explorati.. CD obsahuje 3 videoklipy:

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HeadbangMastermind93 January 15th Comments. Are all the song titles capitalized? Along with the electronic tunes come the random interludes, the most memorable on the album to be found on the tenth track Alle Meine Entchen, where a sudden pause in the music is filled with gang vocals shouting: This would work much better as an instrumental album, and even then listeners might find that they have to be in the right mood to handle this new kind of music.