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Who discovered lake Issyk-Kul
  Issyk–Kul lake – unique lake ancient. Its unique blue water is unusually transparent. The hue of the surface varies from refracted rays in the water from blue to ultramarine…

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Journey to Germany's black forest
  I don't think is worth documenting every day, dwell only on some points of our tour. Had to ride a lot, two weeks have passed 2.5 thousand kilometers, visited…

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Finnish lake district


Many St. Petersburg residents visiting Finland, often limited to tours in Lappeenranta, Imatra and Helsinki, but the most beautiful nature and the clear lake is located in the centre of the country.

The most valuable treasure of Finland – the untouched nature of this small Northern country. The region of Northern Savonia includes four tourist district. The largest of them – the city of Kuopio with the surrounding areas. Other major tourism places – this resort Tahko, regions Iisalmi and Varkaus.

The city of Kuopio is surrounded by beautiful nature, which opens up great possibilities for outdoor activities and sports. The pearl of landscape Kuopio – blue waters of lake Kallavesi, which is part of the lake district Saimaa, and countless Islands. Local Puijo mountain is famous throughout Finland, on top of which is 75-meter tower. From the Observatory Puyo offers spectacular views of the unique lake district, the largest in Europe.

Tower Of Puijo, Kuopio

Sights of Kuopio:

— the Puijo tower;

— the Museum quarter Kuopio;

— the Orthodox Church Museum of Finland

Summer in Kuopio tourists expect a romantic cruise on the many lakes, cultural events and festivals. Lovers of boating will enjoy the descent on the rapids or riding on jet skis. Fishermen will find this expanse, and Golf enthusiasts Continue reading

Five most amazing lakes of Russia


Caspian sea — lake, the biggest in the world by area and volume of water. Its waters wash the shores of five States, including the South of Russia. Salinity mostly sea-lake is about three times less ocean in the Northern part(Russian shore), the lake water is nearly fresh. In this part of the lake is rich in fish, especially sturgeon: a total of 101 fish species, as well as many freshwater fish — as roach, carp, perch. The lake — the breadwinner!

The coastline of the Caspian sea is estimated at about 6500 — 6700 km, with the Islands — up to 7000 kilometers.

In the Caspian sea runs 130 rivers, of which nine have the mouth in the form of a Delta. The largest rivers flowing into the Caspian sea: the Volga, Terek (Russia), Ural, Emba (Kazakhstan), Kura (Azerbaijan), Samur (border of Russia with Azerbaijan), Atrek (Turkmenistan)

The main risks for the Caspian sea related to pollution from production and transportation of oil on the continental shelf, the inflow of pollutants from the Volga and other rivers flowing into the Caspian sea, the livelihoods of coastal towns, as well as flooding of individual objects in connection with the Caspian sea level rise.

Famous Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake of Eurasia. The deepest lake in the world Continue reading


State in the South-East, on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula. Washed by the Adriatic sea, it has land borders with Croatia to the West Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Northwest, Serbia to the northeast, partially recognized Republic of Kosovo — in the East and Albania on the Southeast.

The official language is Montenegrin and Serbian

The Capital Is Podgorica

Largest cities — Podgorica, Niksic, Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje, Herceg Novi, Berane, Cetinje, Budva

Area — 155-I in the world

Currency — Euro

Visa — visa not required (30 days)

Montenegro – Adriatic pearl. In this country has it all, scenic beauty, great architectural monuments to a rich historical heritage. The diversity of beaches and developed tourist infrastructure annually to Montenegro attracts many tourists.

Budva Riviera

The most famous resort of the coast of Montenegro. On the coast of many bays-bays, street cafes, souvenir shops located in small towns from Budva to Petrovac itself . In Budva is always noisy, and the streets are full of tourists.


Today the city Bar became a port city. Bar is divided into two parts – Old and New. The old part of town a little Continue reading

China. Stone forest, Shilin.


National Park, Shilin is located in the Chinese province of Yunnan, in 120 km from Kunming. In this Park there are stone outcrops from izvestno. These geological formations formed many millions of years. First there was the sea, but it is suddenly gone, leaving fantastic cliffs over which long worked the water and the wind. And now this monument can be safely attributed to one of the wonders of the world. Why not come up with nature!

Once it was the bottom of the great ocean, whose waters washed out holes in the rocks, and then walked away, leaving the intricate stone pillars. Eventually got up around a real jungle, but civilization has put everything in its place, and now anyone can see this unique wonder of nature.

Every year there is a festival of torches, which attracts tens of thousands of guests. However, in addition to festival visitors lacking. Everyone wants to see beautiful lakes, caves and bizarre rock formations, which resemble little trees – honestly, they do like no other. Pictures do not convey the powerful energy of this place that is over 270 million years.

The stone forest is divided into seven separate parts: large and small stone forests, Naigu stone forest, cave Giuni, Cuifeng cave, long lake, moon lake, the Da Dieshui Continue reading

Who discovered lake Issyk-Kul


Issyk–Kul lake – unique lake ancient. Its unique blue water is unusually transparent. The hue of the surface varies from refracted rays in the water from blue to ultramarine color.

The content of the article:

The History Of The Issik — Kul

The first mention of it dates to the late 2nd century BC. In the Chinese annals of the time it is called the “warm sea” — the Same high. Long road to the lake was almost inaccessible. The study of it began in the 19th century. Who discovered lake Issyk-Kul to the Russian science? Russian traveller and scientist N. M. Przewalski whole life was devoted to study the flora and fauna of these places. He’s so tied up with them, which bequeathed to bury him on the shore of the lake.

In our century the scientific expedition of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University opened in the excavation on the banks of a yet unknown civilization that flourished 25 centuries ago. The level of development comparable to ancient centers in the black sea and Egypt. Large settlements eventually went under water.

Ancient tribes on the shores of lake

People of different races Continue reading

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